Quarter Life Crisis

Artwork done by Sabrina Johnson

Quarter Life Crisis

While I am currently working on my second novel, and it is what I truely consider a labour of love, I have this weight on my shoulders…my first novel. I wrote this years ago, it was rejected a ton, probably for good reason,but it was my first project that I actually completed without throwing it away in the middle(which I am prone to do).

I thought it would best to just move on and keep working on my current novel;but after reading many comments in writer group boards that I belong to I made a decision to e-pub it. I figured that at least it would be out there to read, for when I am FINALLY done this second project. Maybe something good will come of this,maybe it won’t. But what could it hurt? So that is basically where my mind is on this. I know that Quarter Life Crisis is raw, rough, and personal. My hope is that everyone just takes it for what it is.


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