You Give Love A Bad Name

See if I care
And see if I stand firm or if I fall
Cause in the back of my mind,
and on the tip of my tongue
is the answer to it all…

And everybody sees
And everyone agrees
That you and I are wrong
And it’s been that way too long

The Raconteurs “Many Shades Of Black”

I’m undecided about you again
I can be right that you’re not here
It’s double sided ’cause I ruined it all
But also saved myself
By never believing you dear

Fiona Apple “o’ Sailor”

So maybe you aren’t very fond cupid’s holiday for one reason or another. Even for people in coupledom, this “hallmark holiday” can cause more  prickly then fuzzy feelings, especially when you go to work and see everyone other then you has received a bouquet of flowers. If you are alone on February 14th, it only seems as if the stores are displaying candies and presents earlier, and everyone you know is in some sort of relationship ( even that nasty co-worker you were convinced only had relationships with her cats).
It may soothe your soul to know that no matter how bad of a V-day you may have had in the past, some people had you beat in that category. In 1998, two trains collided in Cameroon, spilling fuel oil that was eventually ignited by a scavenger’s cigarette. The explosion killed more than 100 people. In 1981, a fire in nightclub in Dublin killed forty eight people. Okay, so natural disasters aren’t the same as having a broken heart, but at least you can celebrate being alive (silver lining).
Nothing accentuates the slap in the face of being miserable on a day where everything is covered in pink and red hearts more then whatever over-hyped rom com being released on Valentine’s day. So I have compiled a short list of movies that will make you forget about the looming holiday. Heck, some of them may leave you feeling grateful to be single.

American Beauty
This is a depressing yet refreshing true look at the inter-workings of what seem(from the outside) to be your normal,dysfunctional family. But once you take a closer look, you realize that after time, love fades, dreams subside, and sometimes bitterness controls your every action.


A story of two couples who become mysteriously interlocked into each other’s lives, commit adultery,and complicate things beyond repair, though that doesn’t keep them from trying. It is painful to watch at times, but this movie is one of the truest depictions of love; in that if you keep looking for something better, it will never happen.

(the next two are both Woody Allen movies but you would never know it)

  Match Point

Man tries to worm his way into society by befriending  an affable society man his age while playing tennis. One thing leads to another, and he starts dating his new friend’s sister. Just as it looks as if he is about to marry his way into the high life, he meets his friend’s fiancée, and he is instantly intrigued.


Two young friends, Vicky and Christina, make a trip to Spain together. Vicky is the reserved one of the pair, already engaged; while Christina is a free-spirit unwilling to be constricted by the confines of what society expects of her. Both girls fall under the spell of an alluring spanish painter, though Vicky hides their tryst,while Christina continues the relationship. The relationship blossoms until a wrench is thrown into their bliss, in the form of his volatile ex-wife (who at one point tried to kill him), and soon Christina finds herself in a three-way relationship with the pair. Things get more complicated when Vicky realizes that her one-time tryst may have opened her eyes to how incredibly dull her fiancée really is, but that doesn’t stop her from marrying him. That is only the beginning of this complicated study of human nature; but don’t be fooled by the cover, this one doesn’t have any happy endings.


A playboy goes through life bedding as many women as possible, until one day he realizes that his wild-boy days may not be very fulfilling after all. When he tries to right all of his past wrongs, and grasp onto some semblance of stability, he finds that his actions are too little, too late.

 Revolutionary Road

Now I haven’t seen this one, but I want to. One reviewer said, “ I actually left the theater feeling thankful that I’m not married.”


Yes, I know, this is a mobster movie. But think about it for a minute. Ace makes his way to Vegas and works hard to become legit, and in doing so makes a very big name for himself. His life is going the way he always dreamed it would, until he meets Ginger, a women with a ton of baggage and killer legs. Normally Ace is a meticulous judge of character, but when it comes to Ginger, he loses all control. Ginger ruins everything for Ace and his former friend and confidant Nicky. Bottom line: Love can ruin your life.

Anna Karenina

Now, I would highly recommend reading the novel over watching the movie, but considering the length, you would probably have to start reading it a week before Valentine’s Day. There is a newer version in the works with Keira Knightly as Anna, and Jude Law as Karenin, which I am both dreading and anticipating. I have not seen the 1997 version, but it seems to have received good reviews.  Anna Karenina tells of the doomed love affair between the sensuous and rebellious Anna and the dashing officer, Count Vronsky. Tragedy unfolds as Anna rejects her passionless marriage and must endure the hypocrisies of society.

I hope you enjoy your anti-Valentine’s Day.


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